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At J&E Companies, our success as a full-service manufacturer is based in our ability to provide complete solutions regardless of design complexity or budget constraints. The aluminum cone shown here tested our laser cutting, precision metal spinning, finishing, and inspection capabilities, as well as our engineering staff’s ability to develop the most cost-efficient process possible. This product was designed for use in a veterinary/agriculture application and posed several challenges across the entire production process. The design called out the use of .250” thick, 3003-H14 aluminum, which delivered excellent corrosion resistance. Although this material also provided good workability, the blanks had to be precision cut to minimize secondary finishing after spinning. Our 6,000-watt Trumpf 5030 laser cutter was ideally suited for this type of application, providing all the speed and accuracy necessary to quickly set up and cut the required material.


Forming of the cone, which was 26” in diameter, and requires tolerances of ±.030” for flatness, was completed on our state of the art DENN, Model ZENN CNC lathe. This machine provided just the right mix of precision, speed, and automated functionality to produce maximum quality and high-speed output. It also made quick work of the .250” thick aluminum which is typically considered very difficult to form efficiently. Once the blank was formed into its final shape, the machining of tapped holes and slots was carried out, followed by grinding and finishing to create a flawless mill finish.


Our ISO 9001 certified quality department also played a key role throughout the manufacturing process. Using a Zeiss Numerex CMM and Pratt & Whitney micrometers, our quality team verified that all dimensions were well within spec, and backed it up with comprehensive reporting documentation and the application of serial numbers to each completed unit. Throughout this project, we worked closely with the customer to ensure an elevated level of responsive customer service. Our efforts on the initial 25 piece order have resulted in many repeat orders of 50 part batches.


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Aluminum Cone Spinning Highlights

Project Name & Description Aluminum Cone
Capabilities Applied/Processes Laser Cutting,  Spinning, Re-finishing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Lasers, Automatic Spinning Machine

  • Laser Cutting with a 4000-watt Trumpf Model 3030
  • Spinning on a DENN Model ZENN 100 CNC
  • Controlled Automatic Lathe
  • Re-finishing to the original grain finish
Overall Part Dimensions  26” Diameter
Tightest Tolerances  .030 flatness
Material Used .250 Thick 3003-H14 Aluminum
Material Finish Mill Finish
Tooling marks removed after fab work
using a Lathe Grinding Operation and Manual
Touch up as needed.
Industry for Use Veterinary / Agriculture
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Parts are 100% inspected, serial # are given, and measurements are recorded and supplied to the customer.
Volume 25 qty to 50 qty per shipment periodically
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3-4 weeks
Delivery Location Minnesota

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  • Certified Welding
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